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Various Services Offered by a Pet Groomer

5 Most Common Pet Grooming Services

Groomers can be classified in different ways. However, there are some common characteristics they all share. Whether you are looking for a great high-quality pet groomer, you want a reliable do-it-yourself option, or you need a professional and affordable pet salon, you will want to know what they all offer. Below are the different ways pets can be groomed.

Cutting and Styling

Groomers can cut, trim, or style your pet’s fur. Some do this more frequently than others, but it is still common for a groomer to offer this service. In fact, many people get this done more than once a year. This can help maintain the length and style of your pet’s hair.


The main function of a brush is to gently remove the loose hair and debris from your pet’s coat while helping to stimulate the flow of natural oils, leaving your dog looking and feeling healthier and more vibrant. Also, you will find that your dog will look and feel much more comfortable and relaxed if its coat is healthy and glossy.


This is the process of removing dead hair and debris from your dog’s coat. Combing is done to ensure that your pet has a glossy and healthy coat that is easy to manage. This can also help to remove molds, dander, or debris that may cause skin problems for your dog.


Docking is often done as a part of a groom. This can be done on dogs older than 6 months of age and it is beneficial if your dog is not in good health. This will help to remove the excess hair around the tail, while also removing the anal sac, which is a common sign that your pet is in poor health. It’s also a common procedure to remove ear hair, which is sometimes necessary if your dog has an ear infection.

Nail Trimming

Whether your pet routinely likes to climb the furniture or drag furniture across the floor, their nails will grow fast. This can be difficult for some owners because they feel it is too late to start trimming. While it is tempting to cut your pet’s nails as short as possible, only trimming them once or twice a month can help ensure that your pet does not get too used to having their nails cut.

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