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Reasons to Hire a Pet Groomer During Spring

Spring Is Nearly Here, Groom Your Pet Today

Spring is nearly here — and for many pet owners, this means enjoying more time outdoors. From going on regular walks with your canine companion to spending afternoons at the dog park or hanging out on the patio with your feline friend, there are plenty of activities to partake in now that it’s warming back up. This is also a great time to bring your pet in to see our professional pet grooming staff. We recommend spring pet grooming for dogs and cats alike, a pet groomer specializes in providing your pet with a relaxing and stress-free experience.

Your Pet is Shedding Their Winter Coat

Many breeds of dogs (and some cats) will naturally build up what’s known as an “undercoat” during the cooler months of winter. When springtime rolls around, that coat will begin to shed — which is no fun for anyone, and creates a mess in your home.

By bringing your furry friend in for a professional spring pet grooming, we can give your pet a bath to loosen up that shedding fur, followed by a thorough brushing/grooming treatment to remove it. This will not only reduce shedding but will help your pet stay cooler and more comfortable as temperatures continue to rise well into summer.

More Messy Outdoor Pet Play

When it’s warmer outside, your pet likely spends more time outdoors. This is a good thing, as regular outdoor exercise and activity are good for your pet’s health. However, it can also mean that your pet gets dirtier — especially on wet and muddy days or when your yard is dry and dusty.

As a result, many pet owners find that they need to schedule more regular spring pet grooming appointments to keep their pets clean and looking their best.

If you’re looking for a professional pet groomer in Dana Point, CA that can offer you quality services, then look no further than Beach Dogue Pet Grooming. Call me at (949) 687-3222 today for more information about what I can offer you and the services I can provide.

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