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Different Dog Grooming Styles Provided by a Professional Dog Groomer

Give You Beloved Companion a Fresh Looking Style!

If you’re looking to groom your dog, then you know that there are many different styles and cuts. The right style can make all the difference in the world when it comes to how well your pup looks. The right way to pick the best dog grooming style for your pup depends on his age, size, and health issues as well as what type of coat he has. Here we’ll discuss some different dog grooming styles provided by a professional dog groomer.

Lamb Cut

The lamb cut is a style where the hair on the body is left long, with the hair on the head and legs being cut short. This cut is best for dogs with curly or wavy hair because it gives them a more stylish look than other styles. The lamb cut also makes grooming easier because you don’t need to worry about cutting too much off at one time.

Lion Cut

A lion cut is a short, layered haircut that’s easy to maintain. The style works well on dogs with thick fur and can be easily maintained by brushing or combing out the dead ends every few weeks. If you have a dog who has short hair and thick fur, this is the perfect style for them.

Puppy Cut

Puppy cuts are a popular choice for small dogs with short hair, such as Chihuahuas and Maltese. The cut gives your pup a more streamlined look by cutting just the top layer of fur while leaving longer hair on the rest of their body. You can give this style an extra boost by trimming around their eyes and ears to make them appear bigger, but only if you want to.

There are many different dog grooming styles to choose from. But if you want professional advice on which style is best for your dog here in Dana Point, CA area, you may reach out to Beach Dogue Pet Grooming for professional dog grooming services. To schedule an appointment with a professional dog groomer, call me at (949) 687-3222 today!

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