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3 Significant Factors That Your Dog Groomer Should Be Aware Of

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For an accomplished and reliable dog groomer, it is important to know the crucial guidelines that they need to be aware of when they are dealing with their client’s pets. Below are 3 of the most significant factors that your local groomer needs to adhere to when they are working with you and your pet.

Dog’s Environment

When your dog gets groomed, you must make sure that they are aware of its surroundings, especially if they are going to an unfamiliar place. Your local groomers must make sure that they have a trusted individual with them and that they know where they are going. This can be as simple as having a collar with their name embroidered on it and wearing a tag that has their phone number or it can be as complex as having someone stay with them in your house during the duration of their visit. It is the groomer’s responsibility to ensure that you are aware of where they are during their visit and what they are doing.

Dogs’ Likes and Dislikes

Your local groomer must pay attention to what your dogs like and dislike ensuring a positive experience for both you and your pet. Your groomer must know what your dogs typically like and which toys and treats they like, as well as what toys and treats they do not like. This will help them know what to expect when they arrive at your house and what to expect when they are trimming your dogs’ nails or using the blow dryer on their coats.

What to do if Things Go Wrong

Sometimes, even the best-laid plans do not work out as expected. Even well-trained and equipped groomers can have trouble with some dogs, be more than they expect, or have to deal with an emergency. If something goes wrong, you must know that your local groomer is equipped to deal with this problem and will do their best to remedy it. You must also make sure that the groomer is aware of how your dog is with other people, how their dog typically behaves, and how their dog reacts to being groomed.

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